P.B.L. (Platform Begin Learning)

The Platform begin learning is a user-friendly Platform dedicated to exploration of some different skills: alphabetic, mathematic, digital, citizenship, learning to learn. The platform is easily accessible from all digital devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones); it does not require a registration procedure for users; tutors, on the other hand, have to log-in to access the dedicated area. 

The platform uses clear pictures and symbols which you can follow and so enter the different competence areas and carry out the planned activities.

If you want to know your level of knowledges and abilities, USE the Platform begin learning (P.B.L.)!

You will better understand your knowledge and skills in the language of the country where you live; calculating and counting; rules, rights and duties in your country of residence; and awareness of your ability to learn from your experiences.

P.B.L. is useful to acquire new assessment tools to use with migrant  individuals with low levels of competences in the following areas (literacy, mathematical-logic, digital, citizenship, learning to learn); as  an e-portfolio model to use with the people you follow; and  to exchange opinions and information with other European operators (Forum Area).