Learning to Learn 10 – Average/Medium

Learners have different preferences when they study or are in class and this may be due to having different brain tendecy: left or right. For instance, learners with left hemisphere tendency prefer clean desks and neat writing, study in detail with specific information, think in logical terms, or create products correctly. Conversely, learners with right-brain tendency enjoy creating new ideas and products, look for global information, focus on examples to learn and are risk-takers. This means that the activities you enjoy more for learning and working are those that match your brain tendency. For example, if you are a left-brain learner, you would rather make schemes, study orderly from the beginning, organize and categorize information and give reasones and well-reflected opinions. OR, if you are a right-brain learner, you would rather do mind-maps to study, study getting general information, organize using colors and express emotions and excitement when learning, without being afraid to make mistakes.