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Intercultural citizenship test

Author: Europe Council

The goal of the ICC Intercultural Citizenship Test is to evaluate citizens’ knowledge and awareness of rights human beings, their intercultural competences, their perception of diversity seen as an advantage, as well as their willingness to act interculturally. It is meant to be an educational and political tool to raise awareness of individuals, professionals and politicians on the need to define (urban) citizenship in a way pluralistic and inclusive.

Type of Resource: PDF

Link: https://www.coe.int/en/web/interculturalcities/icc-test

Language: Italian


Author: Dedalus Cooperativa sociale

the quiz aims to test how much knowledge we have of the migratory phenomenon and what skills we have about intercultural citizenship

Type of Resource: OTHER

Link: http://rewind.coopdedalus.org/quiz/

Language: Italian

Play games

Author: Europe Council

This quiz has been designed to give young people a quick and useful introduction to the European Union. It can be used as a stand-alone activity or alongside the publication ‘EU&ME’.

The quiz has four sections with 13 or 12 questions in each. You have two attempts to answer each question. A correct answer on your first try scores you two points, and on your second go, one point.

A green smiley will pop up if you get the question right. 

Type of Resource: OTHER

Link: https://op.europa.eu/webpub/com/eu-and-me/en/

Language: Italian

Einbürgerungstest (Naturalisation test)

Author: Federal Ministry of the Interior

Since 2008, anyone wanting to become a German citizen is required to pass an “Einbürgerungstest” (ENGLISH: Naturalisation test). The multiple choice test consists of 33 questions chosen at random from an item bank of more than 300 questions. The test includes some questions which are state-specfic. By passing the test, the person proves to have knowledge of the legal and social system, as well as about living conditions in Germany. Those wishing to study for the test can purchase books listing all the possible questions and explaining the correct answers. The test can be carried out just in paper form, not online.

Type of Resource: Altro

Link: BAMF – Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge – Einbürgerung – Einbürgerungstest – Testfragebogen

Language: German