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Link: https://www.duolingo.com/course/el/en/Learn-Greek

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Basic skills assessment test

Author: Milena Angius e Sara Brattoli

The test we are going to present, curated by Milena Angius and Sara Brattoli, is aimed at the knowledge of basic literacy skills and is designed for illiterate or weakly educated learners in L1 or for those who have little knowledge of the Latin system.

The test refers to the Pre Alfa A1, Alfa A1 and Pre A1 levels in the definition given by Italian L2 in migratory contest – Syllabus and descriptors from A1 literacy by Alessandro Borri, Fernanda Minuz, Lorenzo Rocca, Chiara Sola, Loescher Editore , Turin 2014, with particular attention to the descriptors of the TTC – Cross Table C

Type of Resource: PDF

Link: https://italianoperstranieri.loescher.it/post/test-di-valutazione-di-rilevazione-delle-competenze-di-base-5970

Language: Italian

Deutsch Einstufungstest/Sprachtest

Author: Spolight Verlag GmbH e telc GmbH

This language test facilitates an initial assessment of the current language level in just 15 minutes and can be applied for many languages. In order to meet the standardisation and comparability requirements and quarantee the across-the-coard applicability of the assessment results, the tool was developed in alignement with the Common European Framework for Languages, which organises language proficiency in six levels, A1 to C2. However, the task difficulty level is medium.

The test facilitate the self- assessment of reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. Examples of assignments are: fill-in the gaps; multiple choice etc. The results are less conclusive for written skills and oral expression. After completing the language test, the user gets the results by email as a pdf -file, so that it can be printed out. The feedback highlights specific language mistakes in your answers and contains also recommendations on how to improve particular language skills.

Type of Resource: Online

Link: http://www.sprachtest.de/

Language: English, Business English, Spanish, French, Italian and German

Deutsch-als Fremdsprache - Niveau A2

Author: Cornelsen

This tool enables to self-assess the language skills at level A2. The test consists of 29 tasks and facilitatesthe self- assessment of reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.The spoken production is not assessed. The test results are presented in a clear report. It provides ifnromation whether the user has to improve their language skills for a lower or higher level as A2.

Type of Resource: OTHER

Link: http://www.cornelsen.de/sites/einstufungstest

Language: German

Nahono: método de lectoescritura para persoas inmigrantes de lingua árabe

Author: María Eugenia Gómez André

Online worksheet to teach literacy skills to immigrants with Arabic as mother tongue. They focus on reading and writing letters, words and short sentences.

Type of Resource: PDF

Link: https://www.edu.xunta.gal/portal/nahono

Language: Spanish

Enseñanza del español para extranjeros

Author: Centro de Educación de Adultos de Castuera, Extremadura

Online course organized around topics to teach literacy skills to (almost-)illiterate people. They can be used for teaching or assessment.

Type of Resource: PDF

Link: https://cepacastuera.educarex.es/web/index.htm

Language: Spanish

uTalk Greek

Author: uTalk

Here you can learn to speak the greek language in the most effective way.Why it works:

  1. LEARN FROM THE LOCALS: We record native speakers so you hear every word pronounced clearly. Mimic their pronunciation and compare your intonation with theirs. Practise until you get it right – you can even slow the audio down if it’s too fast.
  2. USEFUL EVERYDAY WORDS AND PHRASES. Topics take around two to three hours to complete. But you can dip in for just five minutes at a time or longer. With 60+ topics, that’s a total of 180 hours of learning.
  3. KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED: Check your scores on progress bars as you move through five progressively difficult games. To get full marks, you’ll have to know the words as well as your own language.

WHO’S IT FOR? uTalk’s tried and trusted way to learn a new language has been developed over 25 years and is perfect for beginners. But its wide-ranging language is also invaluable for intermediates looking to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation.

HOW IT WORKS: Subscribe to everything on uTalk or buy individual languages or topics. The app automatically syncs between your devices. Work offline by downloading content.

Type of Resource: OTHER

Link: https://utalk.com/en/store/greek

Language: English + All languages