Civic Competence 06 – Medium Hard – Ex3

Please read the fragment of the declaration issued after The Fifth International Conference of New or Restored Democracies ULAANBAATAR , MONGOLIA (10-12 September 2003) – Ulaanbaatar Declaration Democracy, Good Governance and Civil Society.

Afterwards read the sentences below and identify True and False statements.

i. We, the Governments and representatives of nations around the world gathered at the 5th International Conference of New or Restored Democracies,

ii. Declaring that democratic governance is legitimate and responsive, representative and participatory, transparent and accountable, and rights and law based. While it empowers, it offers checks and balances on authority to prevent abuse and enhances the promotion and protection of human rights, gender equality, and respect for the rule of law. We will endeavour to ratify, accept, or accede to the international human rights and international humanitarian law instruments;

iii. Democracy provides legitimacy to governments by rooting their actions in the will of the governed, builds greater success for national programs by engaging the energies of the governed, increases the potential for longterm sustainable economic development, and fosters human security by providing avenues for dissent to be expressed in legitimate, non-violent forms.

iv. Declaring further that the full, active and unobstructed participation of civil society, as they employ democratic and non-violent means, is essential for democratic governments to always remain responsive to the people’s needs and wishes, including between elections;

v. Recognizing that new or restored democracies are today facing many challenges brought about by both national and international forces. Democracy has advanced rapidly in the last thirty years in many countries but we have also witnessed instances where democratic structures have come under direct threat by internal or external destabilisation forces of a military, political or economic nature;